Lucid Dream’s music was born in 2009 in Sestri Levante, Italy. The energy of these places helped to inspire the research for the compositions: sea, woods, mountains, caves and many magical places in the area.

The leader and guitarist Simone Terigi decided to create a band with a powerful and tasteful progressive hard rock sound. It is a fine mix between mighty metal riffs, virtuous guitar solos, ballads and mystic meditations.

The listener is led to perceive different moods, probing the depth of his soul. Lucid Dream’s artistic journey is the initiatory path of the human being to awaken his awareness, walking the road to infinity. The sound of the band draws from many different genres. You can hear the major band influences from the hard rock and metal progressive of the 80s and 90s.

However there are sometimes grunge, classic and other nuances that make the colors of this music incredibly fascinating. Being musicians means to be at the service of something beyond the Infinite, the Vibration, the Origin …


Simone Terigi – Guitars
Roberto Tiranti – Bass & Vocals
Paolo”Paolo” Tixi – Drums
Karl Faraci – Vocals
Luca Scherani – Keyboards

Special Guest String Trio 2020

Andrea Cardinale – Violin
Rachele Rebaudengo – Cello
Sara Calabria – Viola


Simone Terigi – Guitars
Gianluca Eroico – Bass
Alessio Calandriello – Vocals
Paolo”Paolo” Tixi – Guest Drums


Simone Terigi – Guitars
Gianluca Eroico – Bass
Paolo Raffo – Drums
Alessio Calandriello – Vocals